Student Registration


  • After registering for test series, student will login in with the E-Mail ID and password.
  • Student will Download the test from the Panel .
  • Student will write the answers on a notebook.
  • After completing the test, student will either click photos of the test or scan it.
  • Upload the Sheets in upload tab in student panel .
  • Results for the test will be provided in Result tab in student panel (Along with checked sheets) .
  • Test will be checked and given back to students within a few days. (Maximum 5 days).
  • Rank at India level will be given (Rank will not be given if student does not submit the exam on the same date) .
  • Suggested answers for the tests along with guidance from faculty will be provided.
  • Student need not keep his ID active while giving the test.
  • Except for full syllabus test, other tests are of 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • It is not compulsory to give test on same day. You can attempt the tests as per your convenience .
  • Student can attempt the test at anytime and day till 30 April (For May attempt) and 31 Oct (For Nov attempt).


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